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Safest Way to Strap a Christmas Tree to Your Car

Bringing a Christmas tree home may be a complicated task. Once holiday revelers have located the perfect tree, they can typically transport it by tying the tree to the roof of their car. SUV owners may consider loading the tree into their cargo area. However, this can be a messy endeavor since Christmas trees typically lose needles and emit sap on their way to bringing the spirit of Christmas into a home. Consequently, SUV owners will have less mess to clean up if they convey their tree by securing it to the roof of their vehicle. 

What You Will Need To BringSafest Way To Strap Tree To Roof

Tree buyers should bring a sturdy rope or a bungee cord in case the tree lot does not carry material to secure Christmas trees during transportation. In addition, thick gloves will protect hands while a jacket will prevent arm injury from the tree's branches. After selecting the tree, consumers should make sure that the tree attendant processes the Christmas decoration by cutting off a portion of the bottom section of the trunk. They should also drill a hole into the trunk’s center. Before placing the tree on the car’s roof, shake it out to eliminate loose needles, insects and foreign particles. To protect the vehicle’s finish and paint, consider bringing a large sheet of plastic to cover the car’s roof. Be sure to position the tree with the trunk facing the front of the vehicle since this step will prevent wind from destroying the tree’s branches on the drive home. Christmas tree consumers should then roll down all of the windows in their vehicle and lift the holiday trimming onto the car’s roof. For safety, consumers must center the tree on the roof and review the front and back windows to ensure visibility.

Further Instructions

With the tree in place on the vehicle’s roof, the car owner can secure the Christmas decoration by wrapping the rope or the bungee cord around the tree and through one of the vehicle’s front windows. The next step is to tie the two rope ends together or connect the two sections of the bungee cord, which will secure the tree to the car. In fact, the tree’s rope fastenings will stretch over the top of the tree and through the car’s interior.

With a second rope or bungee cord, repeat the tying process at a spot further back and through the vehicle’s back windows. If the tree is not secure, then add a third rope or bungee using the same binding method. Before driving home, consider testing the security of the tree’s binding and position by driving around the tree lot’s parking area, or tree buyers can grab the trunk and give it a good shake.